About Us

Trafique (traf-ik) is where passion, idea and conversation are continuously shared through a cup of joe.

Trafique Coffee proudly serves fresh roasted coffee you deserve to drink. Here you can experience the coffee, see how a perfect cup of coffee is made,  listen to our baristas’ story about our coffee, smell the aroma of our fresh roasted beans, and taste the perfect cup of coffee we aim to serve. Then you can feel the passion we have on coffee.

Trafique (traf-ik) Coffee is a meeting point, neighborhood coffee shop, office and even your second home.

The team at Trafique Coffee designed the place with one goal in mind: sharing. For us, Trafique Coffee is a space to share our passion on coffee. We want Trafique to be your space: to get together, be creative and celebrate your passion. That is why you can find communal table,  bar seating, and meeting rooms that we design to share your time, passion, and idea with friends or even strangers. This is our working space.

Trafique (trafi-ik) Coffee is all about people. People who believe in our passion, people who visit our place, and people who share their passion and ideas.

The team here at Trafique Coffee come from unique backgrounds with the same passion on coffee. But is not about us, it is also about you. We proudly serve coffee and provide space for you to talk your passion and thoughts, because we believe great ideas sparks from shared thoughts over good cup of coffee.